Rich Wiley
& Toby Ahrens

The TnR Products Team

Sometimes things just come together; rarely do they come together overnight. That certainly was the case with us, but good things are worth waiting and working for. TnR Products are two friends (Toby Ahrens and Rich Wiley-myself) who had an idea.

This idea came as they often do, because we had a drum sound problem that needed a solution.

A bit of background: I had been a guitarist/composer for TV commercials, writing/creating custom music for clients such as Cadillac, Clorox, McDonalds, Walmart, Dodge-Jeep-Chrysler and many others. Toby was a professional drummer in our home town of San Diego who had worked with the likes of Karl Denson, Robin Henkle, Robben Ford, Peter Sprague and many other well-known southern California musicians.

So, one day in the studio, Toby and I were preparing to record a groovy vintage Gretsch kit. We realized that the floor tom (16”) sounded amazing when held off the ground, but when in the playing position all the deep tone would disappear. We also noticed that the shape of the decay was smooth and natural off the ground, then odd and pinched when back on the ground.

This got us thinking because when recording, getting the source of the sound right is way more important than how many amazing plug-ins or outboard gear you have.

Toby mentioned that he had heard of people placing cymbal bags, cymbal felts or foam under the feet of floor tom legs. I had some old studio absorption foam lying around, so we cut some small squares and placed the drum legs on top of this.

Immediately the drum sang just like it did when held in the air. We went ahead and recorded the session very happy with the results.

Fast forward to now – we now have two products that our customers love because they do what they say they do. We don’t do gimmicks; gimmicks cover up the SYMPTOMS. We create products to UNCOVER and fix the SOURCE of the problem.

We’ve learned a lot, and the best part of this journey we are taking is that we get to take it with so many awesome drummers, musicians, and recording engineers. The friends we have made and the experiences we share with others have always been the most gratifying part. We look forward to developing more useful tools and being valuable part of your musical experience!

Rich & Toby

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