Christian Dorn, Drummer

Both Booty Shakers and Little Booty Shakers are on every kit I own. Under a microphone and in the studio, there’s no comparison. They simply work. TnR Products will let your drums resonate freely and will give you the most tone out of your drums.

Without a doubt, Booty Shakers will make your drums sound better and give you a more resonant and dynamic tone. They’ve become a necessity both live and in the studio.

Booty Shakers let your drums resonate freely, without any choking from hardware or stands. Whether you play live or in the studio, you’ll hear a difference.

Put them on and forget about them. I’ve had the same Booty Shakers on the road for years. Night after night they work flawlessly and let my drums play with the most resonance and tone.

~ Christian Dorn, Independent/Session Drummer