Floor Tom Isolation Mounts

The Quick Tour
with Daniel Glass

Original Booty Shakers are foam floater “booties” that slip onto the legs of any brand floor tom. Little Booty Shakers are foam floater “cleats” that attach to the snare drum stand with velcro straps to float a small tom or snare drum.

Both devices are made of specially engineered foam that suspend the drum and decouple it from the floor or stand. Both products improve the sound of any tom or snare drum that sounds choked or small by increasing its volume, sustain and low end frequencies.

Learn WHY below.

There are lots of reasons why your drums
don't sound good or perform well.

We look for
the ‘usual suspects’
instead of getting to
the source of the problem.

  • Obviously the heads and tuning are the first thing to suspect when a drum is not performing. You must take care that your hoops are in good shape, without warp and the lugs.
  • Also the condition of the shell. Is the cylindrical shape ‘true’ (most drums out there are not true)?  Next, the quality and type of bearing edge, and is it square?
  • All these factors impact how the head seats, how it tunes and how it sounds. Then we began to realize that drums were trying to vibrate anything they touched or rested in or on…
Drum tuning is a symptom not the cause
Drum tuning is a symptom, not the cause or solution.
Drum Energy Loss
Drums lose energy by sharing it with connected objects.

A drum creates a finite amount of energy when struck. If some other object is connected to that energy source, that energy will also flow into that object. This means that energy is shared between the drum and the other object. Therefore the drum has less to do its job with.

  • The drum will lose the lower frequencies because they are the weakest.
  • The shape and length of decay (sustain) will be odd and unnatural.
  • The odd order harmonics and mid-range hump that we chase around the head with our tuning key is often due to your drum sharing its energy with something else.
Many people mistake this as an improperly tuned drum when in fact the drum has too many negatives to overcome–and tuning is just one factor.

After lots of experiments & testing
we came up with our Original Booty Shakers

The Foam…

After these discoveries we decided to see what we could do to get the most out of our new little product, which we called the Original Booty Shakers.

We tried many different types of foam to see which worked best.

It was clear that the softer foam provided the least resistance or drag on the drums attempt to vibrate. Essentially this lets the leg of the drum vibrate along with the drum.

But the soft foam wouldn’t support the weight of the drum for long; it would compress and lose its ability to isolate.

Then we added the plastic “stabilizer” disk which spreads the focused weight over a larger surface.

This means that a soft base can now support the drum without compressing.

Booty Shakers for your Toms - Get Big Rich Sound Instantly

While others have discovered the need for drum mount isolation long before us, we realized that our product solved this problem in the most effective way.

Installation steps for Booty Shakers
Apply Booty Shakers in seconds, no tools, no mess, no modifications to your drums.
  • Existing “suspension” rubber foot options provide more drag due to the stiffness of the rubber and have much less flexibility than our foam. The higher rate of drag means less tone.
  • The many forms of hoop and suspension mounts provide some freedom of movement to the drum, but add weight and mass at the same time.
  • They also focus the weight of the drum in a smaller area.
  • This means the weight of the drum is supported by half (or less) of the available circumference of the drum. Like holding a heavy object with your outstretched arm.

In order to make our product compatible with the myriad of floor tom feet shapes, we made the slotted receptacle top portion. If the rubber foot is small like old Leedy or Ludwigs, or large like most newer kits, the top portion simply slides over either size and holds on when moving the drum.

Now we had a product that will work with most any brand of floor tom, with no tools, mess, or modifications.
This appealed to us even more because of our love for vintage drums--
our products can be used without changing the original state or value of a vintage kit.


How much do you spend each year, on products to uncover your tone? Our solution, for a very small price, lasts for years.

A Simple, Elegant, Honest Solution:
  1. Isolate the drum and eliminate drag for deep, rich, natural tone
  2. Make the product fit on any brand.
  3. Make it simple & quick to apply.
  4. No tools, messes, or modifications to your drums.
  5. Make it durable, lightweight, and portable.
  6. Super affordable price for a pro-level result.