Matt Alling, Owner CT Pro Percussion

So I was at the Nashville drum show walking around before the doors opened talking with the other vendors.

I’ll be honest, I walked by the Booty Shakers booth several times and didn’t stop because I wasn’t sure exactly why I needed foam feet on my drums. On one of my passes Rich pulled me over and showed me what Booty Shakers did.

I was more than a little surprised. The difference in the sound, on the cement floor was HUGE and the floor tom sounded like it was a suspended tom.

Flash forward one month and I had a customer in my shop to look at a vintage Leedy kit. My shop floor is also cement. My customer asked about them and when he heard the difference in sound he wanted to buy my set. Well it’s the only set I have at the moment but I think I will be stocking them very soon and I have a set sold as soon as I can get them, my customer wants them for his new vintage Leedy kit.