Snare Drum & Tom-Tom Isolation Mounts

Little Booty Shakers on a 70s Camco set with Daniel Glass

Little Booty Shakers
for Snares & Toms

We created our second product, Little Booty Shakers, to address a problem that many drummers have.

Toby (the ‘T’ in TnR Products) plays several vintage and modern kits and would oftentimes place a small tom in a snare stand basket rather than the mount on the bass drum or cymbal stand. It’s a great way to position the tom and relieves the unnecessary weight off the kick, but this can make the tom sound choked.

Once again,
we experimented
until we found
the solution

Just like our idea for the floor tom, the tom is trying to vibrate the basket and sharing its energy. So we went through the same process of identifying the correct weight and durometer (hardness: a material’s resistance to indentation) as well as a shape that would support the drum without bunching under the drum and dampening the resonant head.

Then we decided that two strips of velcro would be a quick and easy method of keeping each of these pieces in the right position.

The results were great!

Low end, depth and richness returned to the drum. Sustain would ring out with a smooth and even decay. Just the general tone and sound of the drum was pleasant and natural.

Again, whether recording in the studio or playing live…getting the source of the sound right is so much more important than how many amazing plug-ins or outboard gear you have. It’s not rocket science.

Daniel Glass, Brian Setzer/ Royal Crown Revue, with 70s Camco
Artist Team at Booty Shakers for Drums

All TnR Products
are created with
these principles:

  1. Isolate the drum and eliminate drag for deep, rich, natural tone.
  2. Make the product fit on any brand.
  3. Make it simple & quick to apply.
  4. No tools, messes, or modifications to your drums.
  5. Make it durable, lightweight, and portable.
  6. Super affordable for a pro-level result.
Little Booty Shakers 3 Pack, red

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Little Booty Shakers for Drums, 3 pack, black

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