In The Studio

The difference between studio recording and live performance is that people are going to listen to what you create over and over again. Getting the best sound from the source instrument is paramount.

It doesn’t matter how great the studio gear is if your drum sounds like a goat. You want your drums to sit in the mix correctly. They should be properly tuned with themselves and for the melodic content of the composition.

Booty Shakers provide an improvement to the tune-ability of your drums, eliminating the drag of hardware and the floor on your drums’ performance, allowing your drum to breathe with even-order harmonics and smooth, natural decay. They’re a handy tool helping the drummer and recording engineer focus on creativity and musicianship.

Live On Stage

Usually the working drummer’s gigs are all about a quick set up, and then get to work!

Whether you bring your own set or use backline, there are numerous factors that can impact your performance. A floor tom’s performance changes with different venues and different stage structures. With Booty Shakers, the toms had consistent performance no matter the stage or venue.

Minimal tune time, a funky drum riser that sucks the sound right out of your kit–not to mention a sound person who is just tired…

Booty Shakers will give the advantage to the sound tech, your drums, and to you. Make every gig more enjoyable for you, the tech, and your audience with deep rich tones from your drums.

Small Venue Drumming

In the small club or restaurant gig, getting dynamic and tone out of your drums can be a challenge especially if there are low volume requirements.

Helping your drums be a part of the musical conversation is what Booty Shakers are for. More often than not, drums are expected to run a marathon while trying to suck air through a straw. If your drums no longer have to try and vibrate a stand or a cement floor, they will speak with richness and articulation.

Gain dynamic and depth at all volumes. Let people hear what your drums have to say.