• Daniel Glass Explains Booty Shakers

    Both Booty Shakers and Little Booty Shakers improve the sound of any tom or snare drum that sounds choked or small by increasing its volume, sustain and low end frequencies.

  • Uncover Your Tone

    Do your drums sound choked? Fix it with Booty Shakers.

  • Jim Riley (Rascal Flatts)

    “Booty Shakers is a fantastic product! I Was instantly amazed at what they do for my kit… They are an epiphany!”

  • Rich Redmond (Jason Aldean)

    “Booty Shakers will increase the low end fundamentals of the drum, will bring out the true pitch and lengthen the note of the drum!”

  • Butch Norton (Eels)

    “Ive been looking for something that would not only fit on the drums, but that would last. Ive been searching for years and now I can finally say that I have found what I am looking for right here with these Little Booty Shakers!” 

  • Slammin’ Sammy uncovers the tone with Booty Shakers!

    Sammy Kestenholtz is a drummer/percussionist and educator. Here Sammy demonstrates the way he uses Booty Shakers to get the most out of his hand percussion.