Original Booty Shakers for Floor Toms Little Booty Shakers for Snare Stands

Drum and percussion accessories that help you perfect your sound!

Put the BAH-BOOM back in your toms and snare!

Booty Shakers and Little Booty Shakers are drum isolation mounts. These drum accessories prevent the loss of drum tone, sustain and resonance due to the drums contact with the floor and/or drum hardware. Your floor tom, tom tom, rack tom, snare, and entire drum set will thank you!

Easy and simple to apply, our design specific suspension mounts can be used with any brand of “legged” tom or drums held in a snare drum stand. No modifications to the drums or tools are necessary. Booty Shakers can be installed or removed in seconds and will not affect the value or originality of your vintage drums. Booty Shakers allow your drum to sing with depth, richness and clarity wherever you play.

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