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Where did the tone go?

When any drum rests on a stand it shares energy with that object. This means energy that would be creating sound is lost vibrating a metal stand or mounting bracket.

TnR TrueVibe (snare stand) iso-mounts float and decouple any drum mounted in a snare stand without connecting to or adding mass. The drum is now free to speak without being restricted.

~ decrease odd over/undertones

~ clearer highs and deeper lows

~ improve projection

~ increase tuning range

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Quality not quantity.

It doesn't take much to choke a floor tom. Low end frequencies have less energy and are easier to disrupt.

TnR TrueVibe (floor tom) iso-mounts decouple the legs from the floor allowing them to vibrate with the drum. Now we hear the deep resonant tone come back along with a smooth and even decay. It's the quality and richness of sound that we are after.

~ enhanced punch

~ deep fundamental note

~ even smooth decay

~ improved dynamics and response

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Respect the deck

Being music lovers as well as musicians we created Tablemates with our friend and TnR Artist Kent Aberle. Kent came to us with the idea that something similar to our drum iso-mounts could stop his turntable from skipping anytime someone walked near it. After a few prototypes and tweaks we arrived at the design you see here. Instead of promoting resonance (like we do with the drum iso's) we apply "decoupling" to resist and absorb vibration. Now the turntable or any playback device, can run smooth no matter how rockin' the party gets.

~ isolate and decouple

~ prevent skipping

~ improve clarity and performance

~ stop re-amping speaker rumble

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From Rich & Toby

We are musicians and music lovers just like you. We developed these products to overcome challenges we encountered. Our way is not the only way but we sincerely hope you find value in what we offer. We salute everyone creating and sharing their music. Lets seek out the solutions. Lets turn the negatives into positives. Lets Rock!