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Check out all the great musicians who use TnR TrueVibe iso mounts to refine and shape their sound!
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Gunnar Olsen is a Brooklyn based musician backing up some of the biggest names in popular music. His solo work explores texture, ambience and the hypnosis of rhythm.

Gunnar Olsen

Puscifer, Big Data, Bruce Springsteen, Miley Cyrus

Justin Scott is an independent drummer based out of Atlanta, GA. Mostly known as a content creator on Instagram, Justin is an online educator and session drummer.

Justin Scott

Online Educator, Session

Ian Maciak creates rich and diverse percussive sound scapes along with great drum tacks with that perfect mix of machine like precision and a touch of humanity.

Ian Maciak

Machinedrum, Trachuk.Music, Session, Music Production

Kris Mazzarisi

Winnetka Bowling League, Owner/Inventor BigFatSnareDrum

TJ Hartmann is a session drummer and music producer from Dayton, OH. With a background in marching percussion, he now focuses on recording and engineering high quality drum tracks and music production from his home studio.

TJ Hartman

Session, Music Production

Greg Hersey is a percussionist and educator based in Jacksonville Florida. He currently serves as the Director of Instrumental Music at Episcopal School of Jacksonville, cultivating successful middle and high school ensembles.

Greg Hersey

Educator, Session

Neal Daniels

Liz Phair, Booker T Jones, Léon, Camila Cabello, Post Malone, Dua Lipa

Eric Somers-Urrea is a drummer/educator out of Chicago, IL. Touring with several different artists; playing festivals including Warped Tour, Riot Fest, and the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour. Currently he is writing/performing with his band Marina City.

Eric Somers-Urrea

Marina City, Educator, Session

Joey “Bones” Parasole is an independent drummer based out of New Jersey. He currently plays for The Morgan Freemasons and Afua Richardson.

Joey "Bones' Parasole

The Morgan Freemasons, Afua Richardson

Chris Georgenes is a drummer based out of Boston. Recording and mixing in his home studio collaborating with artists all over the world. He is also an full time artist specializing in animation and motion graphics.

Chris Georgenes

The Boston Naturals, Session

Jason Castellanos is a Columbian drummer based in Dubai. He is the resident drummer for the number 1 show in the Middle East, La Perle by Dragone. He spends his off time recording drums and music production from his home studio.

Jason Castellanos

La Perle by Dragone, Session

Andrew is a Canadian/American musician based out of Toronto. Currently, he plays drums for artists Charlotte Lawrence and Chris LaRocca. Andrew continues to be a main songwriter with his bands Trade Wind and Structures.

Andrew McEnaney

Charlotte Lawrence, Chris LaRocca, Trade Wind, Structures, Tate McRae

Locke Nishihara


Jack Owens

Session, Independent

Vlade Guigni

Session, Touring

Juan "ElZurdo" Carrillo

Sergio Blass, Adlan Cruz

Dylan Wissing

Session, Alicia Keys, John Legend, Drake, T.I., Kanye, Jay Z, Eminem

Butch Norton

Lucinda Williams

Tim Buell

Session, Educator

Suthiti Chaisamut

Session, Touring

Joshua Martin

Content Creator, Remote Session

Andrea Jr Bessone

Content Creator, Mostro

Jayda Hansen

Content Creator, Independent

Katherine "Kelly KC"Cabrera

Educator, Session, Touring

Kent Aberle

Independent, Session, Touring

Lou Santiago Jr.

Educator, Session

Noa Kahn

Independent, Session, Touring

Daniel Fasano

Independent, Session

Dango Empire

Scott Stapp, Sonicflood, Amber Pacific, Kurt Deimer, Dillon Carmichael, Session, Educator

Terence F. Clark

Robert Cray, Keith Urban, Producer, Session, Touring

Arthur Dubois

Session, Content Creator